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Franco-Bon Nigeria Ltd was incorporated to market printing papers and materials. We've been in existence for over two decades, meeting the needs of printers and printing industry in nigeria. Having discovered the problem people go through to get a befitting cards for their occassions, in 2004 we ventured into selling of invitation cards for weddings and for all occassions.

To make sure we give our customers the best, we had a contractual agreement with Rahwanji cards international, a company based in Damascus, Syria, Arab Republic, a leading name in the production of invitation cards, whose range of products are Rahwanji, Golden, Dreams and Fantasia cards. With the above cards, we have materials for all occasions and for all categories of people. Thus we are the sole agent of the company in Nigeria.

There are invitation cards as low as three thousand naira =N=3,000 for a hundred (100) pieces with the envelops and its accessories and also cards of twenty thousand naira =N=20,000 and above for higher grades of the same quantity. In between these two, we have good and quality cards that are affordable. We must bear in mind that invitation cards are the first things sent out in every occasion and this gives the invitee the fore-taste of the event. We are always there to assist in this area and to make sure that the best for your occasion is achieved.

We count on you.




It is our goal to be the number one card distribution outfit in nigeria. We desire to constantly make purchasing of cards for all occassions easy for our clients.


We are concerned about the happiness of our clients and we continue to make them more happy by delivering world class cards for all occasions.

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